Online Training for New Family Constellations Specialist -awarded by the Family Constellations Institute Brigitte Champetier de Ribes.

To understand the theory, philosophy and development of this tool that Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations provide, becoming deeply acquainted with systemics, phenomenology and non-duality, through the new paradigms about Consciousness and the Quantum.

To integrate the Forces of Love in one’s everyday life and professional work. To open up to the evolution of the field of the Constellations and the development of the New Family Constellations, so that everyone acquires a personal experience of these, through his freedom and creativity, in the service of life, in connection with Something greater.

To go on a journey of growth by means of a new approach in which each person takes responsibility for herself and develops at the rhythm allowed to her. In this way, each workshop or course becomes an experience of awareness, growth and change.

To train to become a constellator, as a person and a professional, respecting and understanding the deep dynamics of the other and his freedom to decide. The constellator candidate will be taken, step by step, without prerequisites to a conscious competence, parallel to his inner growth.

We don’t do a final exam. Instead, each candidate will carry out a phenomenological self-evaluation of his own Constellating Capacity.

There are no formal requirements to start the training.

The required maturity and experience necessary to initiate this training require a minimum of 5 years work experience, whatever the profession, and to be older than 30 years of age in order to be awarded the title.

In order to be able to assimilate the perspective of the New Family Constellations, the candidate must be prepared to change deeply and to face life differently. It is about an attitude and work on oneself that requires maturity and time.

The training to become a New Family Constellations Specialist is firstly designed for anyone who wishes to get a deeper understanding of his life through the Forces of Love and the Systemic and Phenomenological Philosophy developed by Bert Hellinger.

This means that the training is for anyone who seeks coherence and peace, and wants to transform his life, his health, his relationships, his work, toward a greater realization and service, and thus participate in the transformation of the world.

This training is of interest to any help professional, who will be able to integrate these new concepts in his daily practice, thus increasing the effectiveness of his service.

It is of interest also for those people with responsibilities and decision-making power. Phenomenological representation is an instrument that reveals the most hidden information, clarifies conflicts, offers solution clues, and provides greater power over reality, improving decisions and the capacity to organize, foresee and take action, facilitating the success of projects, businesses and organizations.

There is no prior enrolment nor starting date. Everyone starts the training whenever they so wish and with the workshop of their choice. Everyone trains at the rhythm that is good for them to assimilate the personal insights he will come across along the process.

The Institute considers that a candidate has started the training to become a SPECIALIST IN NEW FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS when it receives his first written work. At that time the candidates enrolment will become formalized and he will receive an “Introductory Report, the basis of the Field of New Family Constellations” in his private area on, where he will also find all the information about his participation in the training delivered by the Institute.

A student may train simultaneously with Brigitte and any of the Certified Training Candidates (you may access a list of these in Spanish at Insconsfa). The hours done with each of them will be added up.

Students will need to do 340 hours of training, of which 208 hours pertain to courses of their choice, and 132 hours pertain to compulsory courses delivered by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes through videoconference.

Compulsory courses delivered online by Brigitte:

  • Family Constellation Workshops: 30 hours.
  • Transactional Analysis: 40 hours.
  • Beginning to Constellate with the New Family Constellations: 28 hours.
  • Constellating Capacity. Counter-Transference: 30 hours.

After attending each course, the candidate is expected to write a 1000 word commentary about his personal insights and new awareness, to be submitted to the Certified Trainer Candidate (María Escribano: This commentary may be submitted at any time, whenever the student feels ready.

Reading Requirements -list to be further populated, thanks for your patience.

  • Beginning to Constellate. Brigitte CHAMPETIER DE RIBES. Published by Amazon, kindle edition. 2011.
  • TA Today. A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis. Ian STEWART and Vann JOINES. Lifespace Publishing, 2012 (1987).
  • Loves Hidden Symmetry. What Makes Love Work in Relationships. Bert HELLINGER. Zeig, Tucker & Theissen, Inc., 1998.
  • Acknowledging What Is. Bert HELLINGER and Gabriele TEN HÖVEL. Zeig, Tucker & Theissen, Inc., 1999.
  • Supporting Love. How Love Works in Couple Relationships. Bert HELLINGER. Zeig, Tucker & Theissen, Inc., 2001.
  • Love’s Own Truths. Bert HELLINGER. Zeig, Tucker & Theissen, Inc., 2001.
  • Insights. Lectures and Stories. Carl Auer Systeme Verlag, 2002.
  • Peace Begins in The Soul. Bert HELLINGER. Karnac Books, 2003.
  • No Waves Without The Ocean. Bert HELLINGER. Carl Auer Systeme Verlag, 2006.
  • Rising in Love. A Philosophy of Being. Bert HELLINGER. Hellinger Publications, 2008.
  • Truth in Motion. Bert HELLINGER. Hellinger Publications, 2010.

Brief theoretical essay, general theme notes. Experiential, somatic and spatial exercises, which are essentially phenomenological. Family Constellations about abstractions or specific facts which allow us to perceive, discover and understand the underlying systemic reality and start healing movements, new awareness and personal insights and growth. Questions and answers. Visualizatons and meditations. New Family Constellations of most of those present.

The title of New Family Constellations Specialist will be awarded upon fulfilment of the following requirements:

  1. Certify participation to  340 hours of courses by Insconsfa (the Family Constellations Institute Brigitte Champetier de Ribes).

  2. Certify participation to the four compulsory workshops / courses, fulfilling the number of hours required.

  3. To have had a constellation at least every two months during the training with a New Family Constellations constellator or during the courses.

  4. Submission of a letter by e-mail indicating the 9 books that have been read, attaching a personal commentary of a maximum of 300 words per book.

  5. Submission of a commentary on every course attended. After every course in which she has participated, the participant will write a text of 2,000 words when the course was face-to-face, or else 1,000 words for the weekend workshops via videoconference. The written work will be about the personal insights and new awareness experienced by the student. This personal commentary will be submitted to the trainer, who will read the work before archiving it in the student’s private area. There is no submission deadline for these written works about attended courses. We request that these commentaries be as personal as possible, with all quotes between inverted commas.

  6. Submission of a written text as required in the Introductory Report of an extension of 2,000 words.

  7. Submission of a report (a memoir)  of observation and reflection upon the person’s own transformation process since she came into contact with family constellations, of an extension ranging from 2,000 to 4,500 words.

The title will not be produced physically on paper, but will appear on your private area, available for downloading once all the requirements have been fulfilled.