You are welcomed to submit your testimonial, if you wish, knowing that it will be of great help to many others, in the service of Life.


‘Hello Marie,
I am writing to tell you how my life has changed so much since I had the family constellation in Limerick.
If you remember I have 7 sisters and a brother, … and had insane boundary issues to be sorted out. My boundary issues were so complex I would have to take on the negligence of my engineer working with my solicitor … Anyways, there was 14 issues to be sorted out. Nearly everything was sorted in my favour … It is so unreal that so many issues just faded away. My siblings issues are also gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ (From N.F., 22nd November 2015 -the constellation took place on April 2014.)

‘Hi Maria, thanking you again for the workshop last Friday, I really appreciated your work and genuine presence. Wishing you the very best in the future. If you are doing more work in Ireland let me know as I would love to participate.’ (From T. O., June 2014.)

Testimonial submitted to the Institute of Family Constellations Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, reproduced here with Brigitte Champetier's permission (translated by María Escribano) :

I constellated my son, diagnosed as autistic. From your hand I went on to accept life, and with it, all the situations I was going through and those which surprisingly took place after one month more or less: My son started talking openly, looking in the eye, he even sang. I had never heard him before. He started expressing what he wanted and didn’t want.

The change that took place was such that his psychiatrist changed the diagnosis to aspergers, amazing!!!

He had never played with animals, but today he plays with dogs, cats, rabbits and hens (now we live in a farm). We moved to another country, we changed languages, he left his sisters, his house, and has adapted perfectly.

And I, I love life, with all its ups and downs. I haven’t wished to die again. Every day I propose to be happy, that is my obligation and my right. And everything around me has moved with me.

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