You for You

When we were children, and every time we falter, we couldn’t stand other’s suffering and we said to them unconsciously “I for you”, “it’s better that I suffer rather than you” or “I the same as you, I suffer like you.”

And we start getting worse, without being able to find a solution because we don’t know what is happening to us. If the person in question is alive, this person enters into a state of dependency on others, without being able to accept her own fate. If the other person is dead, she also loses; she loses her possibility to rest in peace.

We may notice this is happening to us when we do something that is not what we wanted to do, when we have lost our happiness or our strength for no reason, when we suffer symptoms that we cannot understand…

After becoming centred

Imagine two places, yours and that of an ancestor whom you are unconsciously saying “I for you” (without knowing who is it or what the issue is).

First, represent the ancestor for a few minutes until you can experience all his burden well.

Then, represent yourself, visualising or thinking that this ancestor is in front of you with all his burden.

Bow your head before him. Then, with great love, say to him “You for you and I for me”. Repeat it several times until you can feel that the ancestor has peace, and that you have the strength to walk away from him and towards life.


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