When We Become Dispirited

A Crisis is always an opportunity for change.

Agreeing to the dark night allows us to reach a radically different understanding.

To be undertaken with one other person, with objects or as a visualisation.

We centre, we take a long and deep exhalation.

We tune in with our family conscience.

Our fate is in front of us, at some distance.

We look at it with respect.

Now we look further away, beyond, at something greater. Recollected.

Until we can say thanks.

We continue looking at the distance, recollected.

Now we can say “please”, recollected.

We look at our fate again.

We say YES to it, until we can give it a hug.

To Help Someone

We can do this exercise with objects or as a visualisation.

We stand at some distance from the person. Her fate is in front of her.

First we imagine a separation between us and the person, like a great unbreakable pane of glass, and we say to her “me here, and you there.”

We look at her fate with great respect, bowing our head.

We look further away, at something greater, recollected.

We remain like this, attuned with something greater, with the source of everything, with the love of the spirit.

We say thanks and remain recollected, connected with the distance.

We say “please.”

Now we look at the person’s fate. We will notice that the person has already changed some of her attitude towards her fate.

We look at her fate until we can say “yes I agree to everything.” We remain recollected, bowing our head before the person’s fate.

We withdraw.

We might receive some information about what this person needs from us or about the next step we need to take.

To Help Someone Who Is Not Well

We can do this exercise with objects or as a visualisation.

We tune in with the “Yes, I agree to everything.”

We set up the excluded person to whom the other person is linked.

We stand in front of him, at a distance, and much smaller than the excluded person.

And we revere this excluded person, going down on our knees or even lying down on our stomach.

We honour his pain, his unfinished life, his fate. Without wishing for anything and without saying anything, but just respecting he who wasn’t respected.

We withdraw after a while.

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