Welcoming My Suffering Parts

Visualisation to heal an emotion or a low morale.

  • I greet my unconscious with great respect, I say thanks to it for what it does for me, day and night, without rest, looking out for my wellbeing.
  • I greet all the parts of my unconscious; I tell them of all my love, my respect, my gratitude for all what they do for me. I say thanks in particular to the parts that have achieved their liberation.
  • I ask the liberated parts of my unconscious to greet with great respect those parts that are currently suffering. I ask all the parts of my unconscious to welcome with great love the parts that are starting to search for their liberation. I ask all my unconscious to make room for the parts that are suffering, to understand them, to accept them, to trust them and say thanks to them for being there.
  • I ask ALL the parts of my unconscious that for 2 (five, or ten…) exact minutes, from the time I say NOW, they look at each other with love and trust, so that the suffering parts feel loved and understood.

When I receive the signal that the time is up:

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