The Solution Tried in Vein

Three people are needed to undertake this exercise, or else one person representing all three roles alternatively.

Sometimes we have an objective, a goal that we cannot reach no matter how much effort we put in or how many solutions we have tried: lose weight, change some habit, etc.

This exercise is particularly powerful with children’s problems, when parents are desperate because they don’t know what to do when their baby doesn’t eat properly, or doesn’t sleep well; or when a child in school age doesn’t do well or has some abnormal behaviour.

The three roles or places are:

  • The problem
  • The solutions that have been tried in vain
  • The person’s quantum Self, or the child’s father or mother’s one

If this exercise is undertaken by one person alone, the sequence is as follows:

  • Represent the problem, until it becomes still, in whatever posture it ends up or wherever it is.
  • Represent the ‘attempted solutions’, without thinking, without intention. Letting yourself be moved. Becoming aware of all the places you look at, since that’s where their loyalties are, and the reasons for their failure. Often, the attempted solution hasn’t looked at the problem. This representation is stopped when it gets into a repetitive movement or when it comes to a halt by itself.
  • Represent the quantum Self.

But read the following first:

  • The quantum Self decides to look at everything. It looks gratefully at the problem and all that surrounds it. It looks at the attempted solution and above all, at all the places where it looked at, since there are excluded people there who need to be seen and thanked.
  • The quantum Self decides to release the past. It says goodbye to all what it has been looking at before, with gratefulness.
  • The quantum Self decides to choose life. It goes toward the problem, saying out loud “I choose life”, and it lets itself be moved until it feels it reaches life together with the problem which is now transformed.

Now, represent the quantum Self, without intention, without speaking, letting yourself be led by your own body.

If you are three people, the person for whom this exercise is being carried out, will represent her own quantum Self. If someone looks at the floor a lot, an object (a cushion, a cloth…) should be placed there to represent a deceased person.

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