The Pendulum

Asking the Unconscious or Movement of the Spirit if something is suitable, if it is appropriate or not, or whether you have permission or not to do something.

Prepare your question. It must be simple and clear. The answer can only be yes or no.

Now forget the question. Stand up, centred, as if meditating, relaxed, while your mind goes gradually blank.

Ask the question internally and wait a few seconds.

If your body is pushed forward involuntarily, the answer is YES.

If your body is pushed backwards involuntarily, the answer is NO.

If your body doesn’t move or it moves in a different direction, this means that the question has not been put correctly, or the issue you are asking about is not your concern. Ask the question again or ask whether you have permission to deal with that issue.

Note: this ideomotor signal may be transferred to any other part of the body (in the book Beginning to Constellate, I speak of the chest and hands); in kinesiology, an arm or a few fingers are used.

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