The Healing Gaze

To be done in pairs.

I have an issue that is painful or worries me. I see it, I imagine it, and I feel it is in front of me. Then, I put myself in it, until I can feel what it provokes in me.

Now I come out of the problem, I return to myself.

I look into the distance and I open up to something greater, beyond what I can understand. I open up to the unfathomable for the human being. I open up to Nothingness. I open up to the Void.

I wait and I allow myself be filled, with my eyes open.

I direct my gaze to my body.

I become aware I am made of energy, my cells are energy. I am more emptiness than matter. I am Void, I am energy. I am a void that creates new possibilities.

I allow myself feel, without thoughts or intention.

I stand now in front of my partner.

When we are standing in front of each other, we both say at once “I am myself, you are yourself.

We look at each other, without intention, without judgement, without wanting to do anything. We only look into each other’s eyes if we can. I let my body guide me.

I can look at the other as if my eyes were in my heart.

I can feel gratitude towards the other, I can feel “thanks for being the way you are.”

I don’t do anything.

I accept whatever comes up without questioning. I have no intention no matter what happens. I don’t even try to help or console the other.

It’s possible that one of the two starts a movement towards the floor. Each of you allows the movement guide you. Without any interpretation.

We are both interacting very deeply. Our energies are mutually enhancing each other, and great healing will emerge from the field that is created by our resonance.

After a relatively long while, we will walk together towards life.

Without talking, each person returns to her original place and remembers her issue in order to observe what it has become.

The best is to remain silent.

We don’t introduce the notion of ancestors or deceased people. In this exercise everything occurs in the present moment, between the two living people, regardless of whether one of them goes down to the floor or looks down.

The desire to help or console the other is a way of WEAKENING him. Touching the other person, when he hasn’t invited us to do it, is an invasion that takes his strength away.

Wishing that the other changes is a way of despising him the way he is, and it is, in the end, wishing that he disappears the way he is.

Wanting to send energy to the other person is thinking I HAVE, HE DOESN’T HAVE. Our pretended superiority is an attack on his dignity and weakens him. With this, I reinforce the polarity he is in (and I am in), while if I take the other person just the way he is, I make him come out of the polarity. I have the belief I know what he needs, instead of agreeing to the fact that he is the way he has to be, that he is at the stage he needs to be, in the movement that is appropriate for him, and that it is him who shall decide. His decision is not my business.

The other person’s decision is a matter between him and the Great Field, him and the Void, him and his loyalties.

One doesn’t change because the other asks him to or wishes he changes. One changes when it is one’s time to do so. If the other person feels he is respected the way he is, and respected in his process, his own process accelerates.

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