Taking the Mother

Two people (John and Mary), the gender is secondary.

John: you represent me, and I represent my own mother in all her greatness as a mother.

They stand in front of each other, some metres away. The mother does not move, and she waits for her son (represented by Mary) to be able to approach her. If the son is blocked or feels bigger than his mother, or if he goes very fast towards his mother, he shall kneel, with his forehead touching the floor, perhaps he shall even lie down on his stomach, until he is able to go to her and hug her.

During the hug, the mother will notice whether her son places his head on her right shoulder, and if this is the case, then she shall push him away firmly, since that shoulder is the one of equals. She will do this so he can honour her again and hug her spontaneously with his head on her left shoulder.

Afterwards, the son’s representative, will tell him, very centred, what he has experienced in one or two sentences. The mother’s representative shall not speak. They stay recollected for a few minutes and then they start again changing roles. This time John represents Mary and she represents her own mother.

It is better that this exercise is kept short, about 10 minutes at most. The interruption of the exercise will energise this relationship. The exercise may be undertaken again after a minimum of ten days. It is highly advisable to do the exercises of taking the mother and taking the father one right after the other.

This is a powerful and important exercise. Taking the mother is a long process of purification, it involves a great renunciation of the ego, and it is the starting point of spiritual development. It is very beneficial to repeat this exercise often, taking new steps every time.

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