Programming for Success

The classical preparation of champions. To prepare for an exam, a casting, an interview and so on.

1. Representing the test

The person observes, as if she was watching a movie, the performance of the test, just as she would like it to happen from start to end.

She watches the movie of her own performance of the test, including the possible difficulties that may occur and some unforeseen circumstance, with the greatest success possible.

At the end of the movie, she sees that she has succeeded, she is told that she has been selected, and she rings her parents or friends to tell them.

The success of this technique depends on the realism and detail of this observation stage. It is necessary to imagine everything that may happen, and see, feel and hear the whole test development with the highest definition.

2. Experiencing the test with an observer

The person chooses an observer internally: someone she fully trusts that will observe her while she performs the test, and who will give her advice later so she can improve her results.

Then she enters into the movie of the test, imagining that the observer is there, watching her.

This time she doesn’t see the movie, but she is inside it, and she experiences it as if it was in the here and now, with the same realism and detail than in the previous stage.

She might have to modify something so that the experience adapts accurately to her reality and her personal feelings.

After experiencing the test, she asks the observer to give her his opinion: what should be improved or changed?

3. Following the observer’s advice

Now the person experiences the test again, adding the modifications advised by the observer. She experiences it with the maximum realism and maximum level of detail.

This exercise should be done 3 or 5 times a day during the days prior the test. For best results, it should be carried out for a month.

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