People Who Can't Change

We have no permission to move forward if we don’t respect the people that can’t change, if we wish or insist that they change.

When a person does not change, it is because of their loyalty to the past. He can’t change.

It is always out of love. Even though it is archaic love.

Everyone is the way he has to be, exactly as he has to be.

I am not whom to decide how others shall be. Curiously, I want them to be like me or the way I need them to be.

This exercise is deeply effective. We can do it in relation to every person that we wish were different: our partner, our mother, the neighbour, the boss, those who are politically opposed to us, and so on.

For two people. If you are alone, represent each role alternating.

Someone represents the person who cannot change. And you stand in front of him.

Accept the person who cannot change just the way she is; renounce your desires to change him.

You become aware that he is the way he has to be. He cannot be any other way. And he is wanted and thought this way by something greater.

Remain in front of him, until you can honour him deeply, and you can say to him: “thank you for being the way you are.”

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