My Responsibility

Our destiny is collective, our responsibility is individual.

Our destiny is a necessary link for all the systems to which we belong, and we have the freedom and the responsibility to accept or assume that destiny or not.

We reach our maximum strength and flow within our destiny when we agree to it and assume our responsibility in all our everyday acts in our lives.


To be performed in groups of three

First shift

The person who decides to start assigns the roles: someone represents her, someone else represents her destiny, and she herself represents her responsibility.

After a few minutes, when the movement stops, the person says to her representative: ‘Now I am myself, and you are my responsibility’. In this way, as a response to the information that she has received from the exercise so far, the person may take a new decision, such as looking at her responsibility, walking with her or embracing it, looking at her destiny, accepting them, or showing gratitude, etc.

If responsibility or destiny where lying on the floor or looking at a deceased person, this means that the person who decided to start needs to see a deceased one before she can assume responsibility or her destiny, and move forward.

(We shall remember that representatives let themselves be moved; they cannot take the initiative either with their gestures or their thoughts. They are moved by the resonance of the Great Field, by something greater. Only when the person represents herself may she think, speak or act.)

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