Merging the Systemic and Quantum Approaches to Make a Wish

by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

Making a wish

Merging the systemic and quantum approaches.

1.- Checking if the wish is aligned with what is essential for me

First of all, we need to check if the wish in question leads us toward our destiny, whether it is inspired by Something Greater, whether it serves life and is good for all.

For two people: One of them represents what is essential for you, and the other person represents the wish. We let the movement develop and we observe whether what is essential goes toward the wish or else looks in a different direction.

If there is no connection between the two, making that wish is useless.

For one person only: imagine both places, the place of what is essential, and the place of the wish, and put yourself in both alternating, so as to see if they get closer or far from each other.

2.- Giving thanks for our present situation

Now we give thanks for our present situation, with the lacking. We say thanks for all what we have lived through up to now, and for all what we have learned, experienced and grown so far.

3.- Visualising the wish come true

We visualise the wish come true, just as we imagine it metaphorically, in detail and with as many sensations as possible.

4.- Connecting with something greater

I open up to something greater. I connect with silence, with the creative Void. I remain like this for a few minutes, until I suddenly start to see my wish fulfilled.

5.- Experiencing the wish fulfilled

I look at the image that comes to me of the fulfilled wish and all that will come with it, and then I enter into the image and I experience the wish-come-true with my whole being and all my senses, perceiving how I feel with this achievement.

When this internal screen turns off, I move on to the next step.

6.- Being grateful for the fulfilled wish

I stay with the deep feeling of gratitude, of achievement, of satisfaction, of happiness. I enjoy myself as if the wish had already come true. I experience gratitude for it not just during meditation, but in every moment of my life.

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