Loyalty to Fields

When thousands of people, hundreds of thousands, have experienced the same emotion, belief or attitude, this experience creates what R. Sheldrake calls a morphic field of resonance. The experience creates an irresistible attraction and the living become trapped by that resonance, thus being unable to do anything other than imitate instinctively the experience of that immense group of people.

As the living, we are linked to our whole family system (and other systems) on the one hand, and to several morphic fields on the other.

A field’s resonance gets a hold of us when we experience something with great intensity at any particular moment, since at that moment we resonate with something that thousands of people have experienced. When what justified that “something” is over, however, we still continue in it, because now we cannot get out of that resonance.


It may be undertaken by two people or one alone. I describe it here for one person alone.

I look towards life; I look at life as it is, with death.

I see all human beings, each with their fate, being born, living, dying.

Every life is thought and loved by Something greater.

And behind me is what is already over.

I turn to what is already over and I thank it.

And when I want to look at life again, I realise that something holds my gaze, something big attracts me, and I can’t release it.

Now I stand where I’m looking at, on top of a chair. I feel the force of that Field, and I wait until I can experience what that Field transmits (If we are two people, whoever is representing the field describes what she is experiencing at that time to the other person).

I am myself again. I become aware of the experience I am resonating with, from that field. I realise that this resonance prevents me from seeing others, it detaches me from reality, it removes me from life.

I honour that Field, I honour that mass of people who experienced the same as me. I will have to bow lying down completely for that honouring to reach all the people. And I say to them “thanks for being the way you are.”

I remain in that honouring position, and that gratitude, until I can perceive that the Field has become small and has come down from the chair; I might even be able to hug that Field before noticing that I am already free and I can go towards life.

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