Integration of Traumas and Conflicts (NLP)

Our main traumas took place during our childhood. With this exercise, we get gradually closer to these serious traumas, reducing their excessive load little by little.

Indeed, with this exercise we progress from the most recent conflicts to the older ones.

We will always work “blindly”: without any prior knowledge of the conflict or trauma that will emerge.

Imagine a line for your life on the floor; place something on the floor to locate the present moment, the time of your birth, and your conception.

Stand at the point of the present moment, looking towards the future, very centred, feeling all your body, your breath and your heart.

Start walking backwards, very slowly, very focused on what you feel.

At a given time you will feel bad, you will have lost strength or something will hurt. Stop there. At that point, a conflict is emerging that you could not integrate and which is draining a lot of your energy.

Remain in that place, feeling. Images, information, memories, or nothing, might come to you. It is not important.

Now ask for the strength to solve this event: “dear unconscious, or guide, give me now all the resources I need to overcome this test in total harmony. Thank you.”

If there isn’t enough strength yet to feel good, ask your unconscious again, with great respect and humility.

Feel the transformation inside you, and allow yourself be driven to the present. When you have reached the present, pay attention to how you feel.

And now, return to the location of the conflict, feel the strength that comes to you, and go to the present again, and experience again how you feel and how different it is from before.

Repeat this movement twice or three times, until you feel at your best.

Do this exercise again after a few days, going back further every time.

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