Integration of Polarities, Integration of Conflicting Parts (NLP)

Very powerful ritual that can be undertaken very often and with great benefit

The reconciliation of polarities is what creates the greatest energy and the greatest force for change in our lives.

1. Identifying the polarities that are not integrated

Masculine/feminine, logic/emotion, rational/intuitive, childish beliefs/adult beliefs, past/future, dependence/autonomy, trust/mistrust, left/right, submission/authority, aggressivity/tenderness, etc.

2. Feeling both polarities

Place one polarity on the palm of each of your hands.

Looking at your left palm, find out how that polarity is:

Its shape, size, colour, material, and temperature.

Then do the same with the other polarity on your right hand.

Afterwards, imagine that you get into one of the polarities, that you become it, and answer these questions:

  1. What do I see, hear, feel? Being this part, what do I associate it with?
  2. What am I for, what is my function? For what is this function? Until a higher purpose is reached.
  3. What are my intrinsic qualities?
  4. Is there any opposition, any difference, between me and the other polarity?
  5. What is the situation from my point of view?

Now do the same with the other polarity.

3. Dialogue between both polarities.

Imagine the dialogue between both polarities.

My complaint against you…

  • If you didn’t exist…
  • If you were different, a little more such and such, a little less such and such…, I would prefer it because…

4.Identifying the common mission of both parts.

Without looking at either one of the polarities, identify the common mission and communicate it to each part, explain it to them until both are able to recognise and accept the other’s positive intention.

5. Accepting the other polarity

Both polarities talk to each other again:

  • I value your…, I realise I need you because…
  • Both parts shall reach a consistent agreement to combine their resources and accomplish each part’s goals and their common mission. Generally, both parts will have had doubts or will have turned against each other due to the lack of those resources. Because of this, they will seem strange and out of control.

6. Integration

Approach both hands slowly until both polarities fuse, and observe what both polarities become.

Now approach both hands to your chest slowly, until you can integrate this new reality into your body, conscious of the transformation of every one of your cells, and let the new energy that you have overcome you.

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