Increasing My Resources

Visualisation for a moment of mental exhaustion, when we don’t know what to do or how to act.

  • I greet my unconscious with great respect, I give thanks to it for what it does for me, night and day, without rest, looking out for my wellbeing.
  • I ask my unconscious, respectfully and lovingly, to find three memories that will help me to feel better here and now. I ask that it gives me a signal for yes (an involuntary movement or a sensation) when it has found them. Thanks.
  • I ask all parts of my unconscious to observe those memories to learn from them. When each of them has learned something from those three memories, I ask my unconscious to produce the signal for yes. Thanks.
  • I ask my unconscious to extract from the past the resources and the learning contained in those memories, and to put them in the here and now; and when this is done, to give me a signal. Thanks.
  • I ask my unconscious to allow that those resources and that learning accompany me for the rest of my life. Thanks.
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