I Can't Stand It

This exercise will allow us to be at peace with the people that we can’t stand and it will also help us benefit greatly from that situation.

It is to be undertaken in relation to people who are not from our family. It may be carried out, for instance, in relation to a TV presenter that we can’t stand, or a politician that gets on our nerves, or in relation to images we can’t stand of people hurting others or hurting animals.

  • Visualise the scene where someone hurts someone else.

Look at the perpetrator and say to him: “what I reject from you is what I hide in me.”

After a while, look at the victim and say to her “thanks.”

  • Visualise the person you can’t stand, and say to him: “in you I find myself.”
  • What can you not stand from this person? Define it in one single word, for example: his arrogance, his happiness, his selfishness, etc.

And what do you do with your…? And you become aware that this person is like a mirror for you, because indeed you also have or do the same as him, or else because you never allow yourself have it or do it, because it was not socially acceptable when you were a child…

If the case is that you don’t allow it to yourself, look at the person and say to him “I envy you.”

And say to yourself “now I decide to allow myself to be … for five minutes a day.”

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