My Expectations and What is Essential for Me

How can I find out if an expectation, a dream or a decision, is good for me?

I stand in front of Life. I look at Life.

I become aware that my mother is fused with Life. My mother is Life for me. Both are one for me.

I look at Life. I look at life with death.

I look at both, life and death, with their limits. I look beyond their limits, beyond death. Beyond all limits.

And I open up to an infinite, limitless, void. I open up to Nothingness.

Now I stand in front of the “YES to life as it is”. I become aware of my father’s presence fused with the YES. My father is the “YES to life as it is”, the “Yes to life and its limits.” My father and the YES are one for me.

My father, the YES, my mother and life are one for me.


I embrace the YES and the Life with my gaze.

And I wait.


Now I set up WHAT IS ESSENTIAL FOR ME, and in front of it, different EXPECTATIONS or a DECISION.

First I represent WHAT IS ESSENTIAL.

Then, I stand on each of my expectations or decisions. I stay in each of them until their movement is over. I will have received information, I will know whether I shall continue or give up.

To finish, I represent WHAT IS ESSENTIAL FOR ME again and I follow the movement. I discover the transformation.

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