The Hologram

Exercise developed by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

This exercise is adequate for any time we need more strength, more clarity, more love, more self-confidence…
It is also useful to become centered before a meditation or an exercise.

To find out what the hologram is, it is advisable to read in HELLINGER / OTHERS, the following two video articles:

BOUDET, Alain: Del ADN molecular al ADN vibratorio
GARIAEV Peter, quantum DNA (video and transcript)

The hologram is the image of our realized adult emitted by our DNA.

This exercise is as follows:

We stand in front of life.
We decide to represent our own hologram. In front of the hologram, is our current self.
We remain in our hologram, feeling it and observing our current self.

Little by little we will perceive that our current self is transformed.

We take all the time we need to get to the most of ourselves, enjoying all the information received.
This information is strength and love.

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