Dealing with a Symptom of Mine

The symptom may be pain, confusion, an obsessive state, feeling restless, listlessness, envy, etc.

The field uses what it has at hand to warn us, to show us someone…

You can do this exercise with objects, as a visualisation, or with other people.

We centre, we take a long and deep exhalation.

We tune in with our family conscience, with all our ancestors.

We say Thanks to them.

The person and her symptom are set up. And whenever the symptom looks in a specific direction, an ancestor is set up looking at her from that place. We place another ancestor there where the previous ancestor or the symptom is looking at.

The person lets herself be driven by a movement that will lead her to do or say what the ancestor – or ancestors – need from her: look at him, honour him or help him to lie down and close his eyes, or say to him “I see you”, “I take your exclusion into my heart”, “I am your descendant” or “I love you”…

She will then move away from the ancestor, to go slowly towards life.

She will have thanked the symptom at some stage.

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