Changing The Past

Exercise to change the memory of a situation that hurts.
It doesn’t matter whether the situation is very recent or very old.

The situation is in front of you. Imagine it, feel it or think that it is in front of you.

Imagine or think that you are watching it on a screen and that little by little the light and colours fade. Colours gradually turn greyer.

Sounds have disappeared.

The screen moves away.

The screen moves away even more, to the point where it is practically impossible to see the scene. You get to a stage in which you don’t feel emotions any more.

Frame this picture. Notice the frame’s colour, material and shape.

Now put this picture to your left, at a distance that is most comfortable for you.

Say to it:

This is how it was.

Thanks for what you taught me and for what I grew thanks to you.

It’s possible that the picture’s colour changes.

I say goodbye.

Today is different from yesterday.

Today I can and I decide I can.

Now look ahead, feeling the change in your body, and with your wholehearted determination, move several steps forward toward your new future. Enjoy what you feel.

You may take these steps again, twice or three more times, until you feel at your best.

The past, once it has been thanked and let go, no matter what happened, always becomes the fertiliser for the present.

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