The exercises presented here have been created by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, disciple of Bert Hellinger. Brigitte has trained hundreds of constellators from different parts of the world and gives training workshops internationally. These exercises often merge the systemic with Neurolinguistic Programming, for its great effectiveness. The exercises are devised for one single person, or to be done with someone else. 

These are systemic movements that provide us with both, greater understanding and fast healing, at once, of the everyday incidents of life. With them, we achieve a greater autonomy and understanding of what life is.

These exercises are suitable for people who have already participated at several constellation workshops.

   Through them each person becomes responsible for her systemic liberation, learning to read the hidden meaning of life’s setbacks and freeing herself with love and respect from the influence of morphic fields, in order to get closer every day to a life with greater awareness and more happiness, strength and peace.

   These exercises allow us to continue in the constellations energy, or to prepare for them.

   All these exercises may be undertaken monthly or every fortnight. There shall be at least a waiting period of ten days between exercises.

Introduction to the exercises

Before undertaking any exercise, it is necessary to prepare so as to be centred.

You may do a visualisation, some slow breathing, or any other exercise that makes you feel present, calm and centred.

During the exercise, continue fully centred, relaxed, as though meditating, with an empty mind, only waiting for body signals.

Move only when something pushes or displaces you. That something is the movement of the spirit, the healing movement. When using objects, the movement is the same: the person waits until her hand is pushed, in an involuntary and unconscious manner, to move the object, without knowing why.

Any exercise may be stopped at any time. The movement that is started up continues alive in the people represented.

During an exercise, a representative may look far away or at the floor. If someone looks far away, this means she is looking at an ancestor, and we will need to put a chair there where she is looking at, a chair which will represent that ancestor. If someone looks at the floor, this means she is looking at a dead person, and we will need to place a cushion there where she is looking at, representing the dead.

Exercises marked as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) are powerful rituals for change to live and enjoy life more. Such exercises are to be undertaken by the person alone.

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