The session lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour approximately. 

At individual sessions, both facilitator and client, represent those roles the field requests in order to liberate or heal that which is most urgent for the person in her present. The starting point for the constellation is a personal difficulty, a feeling of unease or something that is disturbing for the person in his or her immediate current life.

We don’t speak on behalf of those we represent, for that would be an interference. We can, nonetheless, express how we feel as we represent, very centred and without emotion.  Slowly, in a kind of meditative state, we surrender to the movement that manifests through us as representatives, and we humbly let the field show us the next step, aware that it is something greater that leads the constellation and us to the solution good for all, the solution that succeeds. The least we understand,  the greater the healing. The forces at work and the reach of the movements, across present and past events, across ancestors and the living at once, as they modify our future (our life script), surpass our intellectual capacity. These constellations are very powerful.

Price: €65


At these workshops we will do family constellations for participans as led by the field. These constellations are healing for all present (as well as those who are in the same resonance as participants). All participants will have the opportunity of doing quantum exercises, or systemic movements, that are very powerful and often have the effect of a constellation.

Price: €55



Thematic workshops of 8h 30 min. duration over three days mentored by the Institute of Family Constellations Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

Delivered via video conference, beyond distance

Key topics dealt with through the Quantum Field

Highly Experiential

We will do systemic exercises for personal growth that heal different aspects of our lives

They may be part of the training to become a New Family Constellations Specialist by the Family Constellations Institute Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

Facilitated by María Escribano, Certified Trainer Candidate of the Institute

Price: €120

These are thematic workshops to deepen your knowledge of family constellations and the life forces and dynamics that underlie our relationships with the others, the world and the universe. You will experience them with different exercises that will initiate movements of healing in your life at the same time.

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