Seeing Our Parents as One

My intention is where my gaze is. If I only look at one of my parents as a parent, the fact is that I don’t see him or her as a parent. To be my father, or my mother, they each need the other. I am a son or a daughter of two people, of a unity called parents, even if they are separated or dead.

If I only look at one of my parents, I separate them as a couple and I cannot be in my place as a son or daughter.

When I look at both of them at once, my intention is a movement of the spirit and whatever there was between my parents is healed. The fusion between them happens again, allowing me to fuse with them as a son or daughter.

If that “taking the parents from the spirit” is not achieved, it will be necessary to undertake first the exercise of “Finding our place.”

Three people.

Your parents are in front of you. There isn’t a specific place for them, they will each move as they feel.

When you are looking at them, you will become aware that you love each of them differently.

You will now make a first decision that only you can take: deciding to love both of them in the same way, renouncing your preference, renouncing your individual relationship with each one of them and choosing to relate with both at once.

Now a second decision: To look at both of them at the same time. Place yourself in such a way that you can see both of them at once without having to move your eyes.

And the last decision: To honour both at once.

Now let the love that overcomes you for both of them equally, seize you. Your father, or your mother, do not exist anymore, they are only your parents.

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