Rendition, Reconciliation

by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes. April 14, 2020.

Rendition, reconciliation.

I can’t understand life without these two words. I cannot live if I don’t surrender at every moment to that which I don’t understand and I find it hard to accept. I need to reconcile with everything and everyone, at every moment, at every piece of news.

I surrender to my anger, my fear, my guilt, my anguish.

I reconcile with myself, I am the way I am, I take in all that inner pain that passes from generation to generation since life exists. It is in its planetary order, the universe continues expanding, and so does humanity. Love rises.

Live goes on, from quantum leap into quantum leap. Unpredictable, except for something greater.

Today is different from yesterday.

Each hour is different. It includes all the yesterdays and everyone’s now.

The now is immense and unlimited; everything belongs to the now, my sadness, your fear, his smile, the sun, war, the cosmos, everything and everyone. 

Today will be tomorrow’s yesterday, and that new present will be the result of the choices we made yesterday.

Hidden powers? Evil intentions? Is humanity in danger? Secret manipulation? Yes. All this is at the service of Collective Destiny. Behind the hidden economical powers there is another hidden power. Something greater, with its love in action.

Individual reconciliation is the lever for humanity’s evolution. Reconciliation creates, reconciliation gives birth to quantum leaps, reconciliation heals.

I am the way I am, the other is the way he is. 

I open up to the other, to the most difficult one for me, to the one I don’t understand. He also has his rightful place, he has his mission, he is also necessary the way he is. Together we are at the service of something which is totally new. There is room for all.

Love rises and reaches us as in the surrender that leads to reconciliation.

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