María Escribano

María Escribano del Moral

I am a new family constellations facilitator since June 2013, and have been a Certified Trainer Candidate of the Family Constellations Institute Brigitte Champetier de Ribes [from December 2020 to June 2021, to retake the programme soon in 2022].

I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1972, and in 2015 life brought me to the Basque Country, where I live now, in Getxo, Bizkay (Spain).

I studied sociology in Madrid, majoring in social anthropology, and went to Ireland with the intention of studying ethnomusicology for a year, but it so happened I stayed for 16 years. 

There I married and Irish man and embarked on a PhD in ethnomusicology with the generous help and supervision of the late Prof. Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin and Dr. Colin Quigley (at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick). 

My thesis, which focused on the Basque sound tradition and instrument Txalaparta as a social phenomenon, led me to Iruñea-Pamplona (in Spain), where I did most of my research.
During the process I discovered that my great grandmother was from there (four generations lived there, migrated from the Roncal Valley and with roots in the north of the Basque Country, in France), just where my doctoral research had taken me “by chance” and where I did the bulk of my fieldwork. In 2017 I found out I had living family there and was able to meet them for the first time.

Eventually life decided that my now ex husband and I should follow different paths and I returned to Spain in 2014 to embark on a whole new life I would not have dared start had it not been for all the healing initiated in my life and family system since I came into contact with family constellations in the Fall of 2007 by the hand of Colette Green, in Ireland (those great 7-year life cycles: 2007, 2014…) In February of 2008 I attended a weekend workshop delivered by Bert Hellinger in London, and in December of that year I started my journey through the New Family Constellations guided by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, whose wokshops I attended as often as I could, as well as Bert and Sophie Hellinger’s in Germany in 2014 and Avila in 2015.

Now as I’m about to enter the last year of another 7 year cycle, I have received the great present from life again of becoming a trainer of New Family Constellations under the mentorship of the Family Constellations Institute Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, within the program of Certified Trainer Candidates of the institute, and it is for this purpose that I have created this website.

In the Service of Reconciliation and Life.

Getxo, December 2020.