Transcription of the video entitled "Human DNA Research - Petr Gariaev", a recording of the TV Show "Department X" presented by Oleg Vakulovsky

Oleg Vakulovsky: Good day! Attention! And get ready! Because what you will hear and see during the next 30 minutes hardly fits into our usual paradigm, or to be completely honest, does not fit it at all! And, from first sight, it may seem that all this is the product of imagination of some sick, close to science but not really there, science fiction writer, which has no limits. But the truth is, you should take it very seriously, because this is about the most serious scientific research, and the most serious scientists.

Pietr Gariaev: It turns out that our molecules of DNA are antenna’s, and not only DNA but proteins as well, because they contain atoms of metals, which are space-oriented antenna’s and are receiving some directive cosmic information. When I took DNA molecule away from the laser focus, and the laser focus was actually scanning an empty spot, this empty spot indicated as though the DNA molecule was still there. In water solution the DNA molecule is constantly producing the sound, and it is also producing the sound in a cell. It is producing a complex melody with repetitive musical phrases. It makes a beautiful sound and melody, and it is a very interesting fact by itself. When I radiate it with ultrasound,with radiation similar to the usual medical ultrasound scan, what am I hearing? Instead of a very complex melody, only one monotonous note remains!

Who is saying all that? Get introduced – Petr Petrovich Gariaev, Sc.D. in Biology, Academician of The Medical-Technical Academy of Russia, 62 years old. Most of his career he spend working for scientific institutions in Russia, but once he worked in Canada, he was invited to Toronto by his Canadian colleagues. Genetics are convinced, that starting from the conception, the development of every living being, including Humans, is programmed by information stored in chromosomes. It is believed that there is no other place to store it. This is the place where all information should be recorded. In which strict order the proteins should be synthesized as organs building blocks, in order to later construct these organs, wherein each of the proteins should take its own specified place, ensuring interaction with other organs and creating one unified organism.

We can only wonder and pay tribute to nature, which could hardly be seen even under the microscope. How does it work? In the opinion of Acad. P. Gariaev, there is only one way to make it possible. The information recoding happens on the wave level by electromagnetic and acoustic radiation. Gariaev conducted the experiment, which after him was repeated in many laboratories, practically always with the same results. It turns out that our molecules of DNA are antenna’s, and not only DNA but proteins as well, because they contain atoms of metals, which are space-oriented antenna’s and are receiving some directive cosmic information.

Why is it so? There are very simple experiments proving that. Take, for example, frog eggs. If you place them into metal shielded cells, providing the usual set of conditions for normal cells development, with only one exception: electromagnetic radiation is extremely reduced and altered, so that there is only an abnormal electromagnetic environment, and the gravitation field stays unchanged, but all the rest is altered (may be only neutrinos stay there too), it turns out that frog eggs, placed in such cells, become malformed.

Do you see the point? External electromagnetic environment is absolutely indispensable for us, it creates some sort of wave metabolism, a wave regulation that is transmitted from space. In simple words, frog eggs placed in a regular metal box will produce ordinary tadpoles, which then become frogs. In a permalloy cell we see the birth of ugly beings, none of them can actually become a normal frog later. That is the idea of the wave genetics, which says, that our genetic apparatus builds the organism with the help of electromagnetic and acoustic waves of different length. And besides, an organism not only receives them from outside but also generates them itself.

Experiments proved that DNA produces radio-wave radiation, laser beams, which create information holograms. Namely, the cells of the embryo upon receipt of the information on the wave level draw the blueprint, which directs where and how leg, eye, nose, etc. should grow. And all this fully complies with the law of information conservation, the law, formulated a few years ago. The point is that our genetic apparatus and that of any living being, represents a structure which emanates light. But this light is in a different wave-length spectrum: from dark blue to red and so forth, following the light wave-length spectrum. And not just light but laser, coherent light. I have worked with very advanced physics. For the first time in history we have proved that DNA can work as a laser. With a simple experiment we have proven its super luminescence.

You may ask, why is there laser in DNA? Why is it coherent light? There are many examples of luminescent bacteria, luminescent fish, luminescent water plants, also luminescents touch-wood, but in all of these cases it isn’t coherent light. In above cases the luminescence happens due to different processes. And here we see a special light, laser light. And this particular fact is extremely important. It is important, because once again it refers us back to holography, as it is a laser beam which can read strictly specific data from strictly specific holograms. And it was made that way to read our chromosomes as a catalogue of billions of images, one by one, as if you try to read them all at once, it will be a mess. So, we are speaking about a differentiated reading of information. Imagine our body as a massive cell state, which consists of hundreds and hundreds of billions of cells. And each of these cells exchanges the data about its condition with all neighbor cells. How is this state managed? Perhaps, by the nervous system. But nervous processes circulate with a very low speed, 8-10 meters per second. It is not enough to ensure normal functioning of the cells state. Even the speed of light is not enough to distribute all information to hundred billions of cells. Otherwise, our development would have finished on the bacterial level, where you do not have to deliver the information through the cells, as there is only one cell.

In our body the information about all cells should be distributed amongst them instantaneously. How this super fast communication problem is resolved? Petr Gariaev and his colleagues performed some theoretical and then experimental work, which allowed them to introduce the idea that cells continuously exchanges the information with indefinitely high speed. Their work the scientists based on the attribute, predicted by Einstein and his disciples,  Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosan, in 1935. Back then they predicted that when two entangled photons fly apart, and one of them changes its parameters, for example, bumps into anything, it disappears, but information instantaneously moves to another photon. Thus, one photon becomes the other. Later this attribute of the quantum events was called teleportation. In 1997 Austrian scientists experimentally proved that the photon can be teleported, that means instantaneously moved from one place to another, and what is more, with all information conserved. They have clearly showed that photons can be teleported. And our DNA, our chromosomes work on photons! Our cells communicate with each other with indefinitely high speed. On that level the concept of time disappears, the information becomes known at once. All complex metabolic processes in the hundreds of billions of our cells happen because cells know about each other at once, instantaneously, thanks to the information delivered by photons. And these photon’s are entangled, and this concept of ‘entangledness’  is the key to explain this instantaneous communication in our body. It takes us to principally different basis for understanding biology, understanding of the functioning of genetic apparatus and living systems. For cells and our body to function normally, cell nuclei work as bio-computers. Now you may wonder about the function of the nervous system as it also distributes data…We assume and are trying to prove that it takes big blocks of information, ‘quantums’, these massive data, and then, in these big blocks distributes it amongst organs, cells and tissues. Thus, there are no contradictions here.

This story started back in 1953. When two men with very happy faces entered one of the Cambridge pubs…and loudly announced that they had just discovered the secret of life. One of them was British bio-physic and genetic Francis Crick, and the other man was American biochemist James Watson. They had discovered the spatial structure of DNA. In 1988 one of the first founders of DNA double-helix, Noble Prize winner, James Watson, publicly announced that science came close to discovering the chemical base of Human heredity. Three years later relevant scientific research was launched in Russian and USA. Later the Human Genome International Research Organization was set up. Total research conducted under the auspices of this organization lasted for 12 years and cost above 3 billion dollars according to unofficial sources.

The first results of Human genome decoding showed that out of 1 billion 200 million genes -that’s exactly the amount we have in our body -there is a large quantity of genes similar to those of worms, and every fifth gene is similar to microbes. Moreover, it was found that the amount of Human genes is 3 times less than expected: 30,000 only! If 100,000 genes are considered by scientists not enough to ensure the diversity of the Human body, what can be said about 1/3 of it! And still the decoding of the Human genome became the sensation in medical biology. Though it was clear that it was only the first step. And the big question is what will be the next step? The following great achievements that followed the discovery of the DNA molecule…No matter how paradoxical it maybe… Though it is not paradoxical… It is quite normal event, because every big discovery sooner or later becomes obsolete, and it comes to the point of saturation and then it becomes a hindrance. Now, the euphoria after the first decade of DNA research, no matter how paradoxically, on the other hand, it’s rather natural, ends up being very disappointing. This disappointment is due to the fact that the grandiose Human genome program, which has been run for around 10 years, and which consumed a huge amount of money, 10’s of billions of dollars, and our country [Russia] participated in it, ended up as people would describe it, like ‘the mountain gave birth to a mouse’. Every bio-system has a DNA molecule, even such simplest quasi-living structures as viruses, and so, this DNA molecule contains only around 35,000 genes. And the gene notion is ‘hammered by rusty nails’ into biologists heads. If earlier the notion of gene was denied, nowadays it has become an axiom or dogma that the gene is the part of DNA responsible for protein synthesis, and that’s all. It turned out that to decode this sequenceis almost the same as to first pronouce the letters of one word and only then the word itself. But the fact is that the words form the phrase, and you should be able to read these phrases.

Today genome is to 98-99% unexplained by the modern scientists. These 98-99% scientists with sympathy call it ‘junk’, not truly knowing what it conceals. Indeed, it is unacceptable that biologists and genetics are unable to explain the function of the major part of DNA molecule and simply call it ‘junk’. As a matter of fact, the main function, perhaps, is hidden exactly there. Why? The research of Human genome demonstrated that the Human genetic apparatus contains around 35,000 genes, practically identical to a fruit fly, or a worm, or a pig, or a monkey. Now, you may wonder how we differ from them, if genetically, on the level of genes, we have practically no difference. Isn’t it a paradox? Looks like nonsense. And biologists and genetics shamefacedly turn their eyes away, looking for different explanations, that these genes come in different combinations, in coli-bacillus they come in one combination, in a Human being they come in a different combination, but this is just an excuse. And the truth is that proteins are primarily enzymes, the working set, tools, universal for all organisms, be it a human, animal, plant, or virus. So, this is the same set of working tools which performs metabolism… But the question is still here: Where does the difference come from on a genetic level? The hereditary information is located in our chromosomes and nowhere else. And here is the paradox, here is the no-go. And from there it took us to negative consequences.

As soon as biologists believed that this is the only meaningful genetic material – the genes -without hesitation they started manipulations with these genes, placing them in different organisms. They started to combine them, thinking that there are useful enzymes, which produce useful proteins. Here is an example for you – potato. Colorado beetle eats potato leaves. Something needs to be done about it. And they have done it. The genetics have added to the potato a gene to code the protein which kills Colorado beetle. The potato crops have increased as Colorado beetle does not eat it any more. Now we need non-perishable tomato’s, super sweet beetroot, or the plants which are able to accumulate vitamin E, so needed for our metabolism. Genetics developped and got such plants, which nature has no idea about. They say that growing transgenic cultures is profitable, because due to genetic modifications, plants are no longer susceptible to pests and pesticides. It means they produce better crops, they do not require extra expense on chemicals, and without them the Humanity would inevitable have been starving. But let’s get back to potato. Meticulous ‘Greens’ have found that if you feed mice with this potato, they gradually develop bowel cancer. Why is it so all of a sudden? Genetics predicted that it will be all right, Dudes…All will be OK. But it is not OK. But they cannot explain what’s wrong there. And they cannot explain it because of the simple reason that they ignore the function of those notorious ‘junk’ DNA.

It turns out that ‘junk’ DNA plays an extremely important role. How can they play such a role if they are that simple? We come to the point of a paradigm shift. It was found that coding in our chromosomes happens on two levels, two levels at least, as it actually happens on many levels. The first level is the level of material coding, when mainly the proteins-enzymes are coded. They are represented by those 1-2%. And 98-99% of ‘junk’ perform the coding on completely different basis. How does it happen? Describing it in a very simplistic way, these 98-99% of ‘junk’ in our DNA in physical terms represent liquid crystals. Liquid crystals that can shape themselves into certain physical patterns like holograms. If you direct a beam of light at the hologram, it will produce a spacial light image. It can be the image of anything, a human, animal or plant. Relatively speaking, this image consists of smallest bits, but you should not simplistically think that in the fertilized egg we have the full image of the adult man. As every system, every organism should be built according to a certain program correctly. If there is no such preparatory plan, or it’s altered, that’s exactly when the genetic mutation happens.They are trying to explain it by mutation of the genes…Yes, sometimes it happens that known genes, morphogenetic genes, mutate,  and we get this sort of anomaly. But here we need to explain that besides these 2% of genes, mainly coding proteins, there are genes that define morphogenesis or the body structure. And the body structure is realized via two levels, the first level is the hologram. The hologram defines the spacial structure, an image or blueprint on which the organism is constructed, but these chromosomes also contain text programs. But these texts we are not yet able to understand. These texts are written according to the same principles as the Human speech. The DNA is the text. And the proteins which the actually the copy, the re-coding of one language to the other, that is from DNA-language to protein-language, the proteins are also texts.

And it happens that all this press-work of proteins, requesting more and more new proteins, is similar to work on a typewriter: new texts are typed. And protein phrases and sentences appear, similar to computer programs, which, in turn, dictate the details in the body structure. So, we have seen two levels of construction. And this leads to the conclusion that this 98% of ‘junk’ is not really junk.

In 1974 the Senior Researcher Petr Gariaev worked in the Institution of Physical Technical Problems, and with his colleagues researched problems of DNA. During these 20 years he managed to resolve many problems related to the emergence of life from DNA, and became the founder of the new science Wave Genetics.

Trying to understand what directs the construction of the most complicated biological system, the scientists took DNA of the calf’s thymus, placed it into an spectrometer and radiated with a beam of red light. From a scientific point of view, these are very simple experiments.When I took the DNA molecule away from the laser focus, and the laser focus was actually scanning an empty spot, this empty spot indicated as if the DNA molecule was still there. So, I have seen the phantom of DNA. It was not absolutely identical, of course. The signal was weaker but the general character was as if there were real molecules of DNA, though before the experiment this hadn’t been observed. The experimenters thought that the equipment was defective. And a few years later, continuing their experiments with the cells nuclei, this time in some other scientific institution, Gariaev realised that he had found a laser beam: the DNA phantom. For example, if you heat DNA to the temperature of 42 degrees, which is mortal for a human, by the way, and it’s not yet explained why he dies at this 41-42 temperature… but we understood it… At this point liquid crystals of DNA start to melt. That means our chromosomes at this temperature melt.The double-helix of DNA stays but its liquid crystal state collapses. These advanced programs that are the basis for the Human life are deleted, and a man dies.

Knowing that the DNA phantom will stay, I decided to cool the sample compartment and place in it DNA at normal room temperature. I was doing it and looking at oscilloscope and, OMG, the DNA molecule behaved as if it was being heated. That’s approximately how it was. Although when tested in normal conditions, it behaved normally. Thus, I made a conclusion and the assumption that DNA phantoms are biologically active. And, indeed, in 1993 we proved that. In the Institution of Problems Management with Tertyishevwe proved that these phantoms are really active. These phantoms are not merely active, they live. Though scientists do not know yet for how long they can live. That same spectrometer that scientists considered defective has been registering phantom for 40 days. We cannot exclude that this phantom lasted for longer or might still exist, as we might not yet have the equipment sensitive enough to register it. Generally speaking, phantom isn’t only a scientific term. Everyone heard about phantom pains, when people after amputation complained about pain in the absent limb. This is exactly when energetic phantom reveals itself. In medicine there were cases when women who had an abortion experienced the contractions on the date of the expected delivery date. It may be the result of the fetus phantom, that is identical to DNA phantoms, experimentally proven by Acad. Gariaev’s team, when after the decay of the phantom wave-frame, his subtle membranes stay. But nobody knows yet how they behave. The effect of the well known ultrasound scan, Gariaev considers it to be harmful to the Human body. Yes, in 1995 or 1996, working with light dispersion of DNA, I decided to test how the ultrasound will affect DNA, to destroy the DNA molecule, not really destroy it, as I used approximately the same conditions as we have during usual ultrasound scan, so there shouldn’t be any destruction affecting the DNA molecule with the ultrasound I observed the facts that stunned me. In water solution the DNA molecule is constantly producing sound. It is producing a complex melody with repetitive musical phrases. What am I hearing? Instead of a very complex melody, only one monotonous note remains! It means that the ultrasound has erased a huge layer of information from the DNA molecule, which was realised through the sound. And then I thought, OMG, we don’t have healthy kids. On the whole globe we don’t have healthy kids. Because all of them, except those in wild tribes, have to experience  ultrasound scan.

The operation of DNA may be compared with a computer which every moment makes massive amount of decisions. But if you hit a computer with a hammer, it may happen, that it will always produce the same answer despite of the problem. Essentially, same thing happens to our body when it is ‘stunned’ by ultrasound, its wave matrix becomes so altered that only one frequency dominates…but this doesn’t happen at once. The DNA molecule experiences strong shock after ultrasound radiation, it takes it a long time to come back to life… and then, it produces the phantom of pain and fear. The rest of research shows that… [incomplete]

Transcription taken from; English tidied up a little bit by María Escribano.

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