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Quantum Constellations - The Healing Power of the Quantum Self

Two day workshop: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of April, 2022

   Conflict and war, which serve a function in human progress, as shown by family constellations and observed by Bert Hellinger, are also fostered by an attachment to the past (our family past and our own as individuals as well as the historical past of nations) and fear of change.

   We’ve also learned that healing of big systems starts with the individual. When something that happens outside causes us to have strong reactions or emotions, it is within we need to look and heal.

   We know through family constellations that with every person that heals, many more heal, whether we know them or not, without the need for them to be present or aware of our work. 

Times on both days:

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   Our life is in the service of our collective destiny. Our service to humanity is defined by our individual responsibility to grow and actualize ourselves, to thank and let go of the past; our personal decision to live in the present, to embrace life fully and help others live.

   Today this is needed more than ever. 

At this workshop, we will have the chance to experience, by means of different systemic movements and exercises, being in our quantum self, a quality of our adult state. We will experience the quantum state of being, with its healing power. When we can inhabit that state, our sole presence is healing, without the need for a constellation.

   Our mind and intellectual capacity is oftentimes put in the service of the past and resistance to change for fear of the new, serving the love of the child within us that is loyal to the past and blindThe adult, however, lives in the present and flows with it, embraces uncertainty, and is thus open to the new, to the source field of possibility. In our adult state, as Transactional Analysis shows (the basis for family constellations), we cannot be manipulated. Adult love sees.

   Over and over again constellations show us that Life cannot be controlled, that our mind capacity and what we may be able to comprehend is too limited in front of the greatness of that which leads everything forward, in a movement of expansion, in the universe and our lives.

   Our quantum self is healing by itself, it has integrated the Orders of Love (or Forces of Love, as Brigitte Champetier, disciple of Bert Hellinger, refers to them: assent, respect, integration and gratitude). It thanks and lets go of the past, it is open to the new, it fears not uncertainty, yet fully accepts it. It is in a state of flow, open to the “wave” nature of the energy that everything is. It embodies unconditional love, and thus it is in tune with everything, with something greater.  

   We will do exercises that will initiate movements of healing which will help us to open up to uncertainty, to be in our adult state more often, to let go of the past, to overcome fear and exclusion.

   We will have the chance of experiencing the power of our thoughts and feelings, creators of our reality.

   We will also do the family constellations of some or all the participants as led by the field. The constellations are healing for everyone present and those who resonate with us whoever and wherever they are.

Important note:

The workshop will not be recorded and no permission is granted for the recording of the session. The facilitator’s commitment with confidentiality extends to all participants. By joining the workshop it is assumed that you accept these conditions.

To Join the Workshop:

To register for the workshop, please send an e-mail to or contact María Escribano via Whatsapp/Telegram at +34 635114244.

Payment will be done via Paypal before the course to the following paypal account: (or the e-mail address: Please note currency conversion charges and other expenses are paid by participants. Payments within the EU to be done via bank transfer, please contact for details.

The link to join the workshop will be sent a few days in advance of the online session.


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