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Quantum Constellations - The Healing Power of the Quantum Self


   At these workshops we do the constellations of those who have previously reserved one, constellations which are also healing for all  present as well as those who resonate with us, whether we know them or not. All participants will also have the opportunity of doing systemic exercises that initiate powerful healing movements in our lives, and which often have the effect of a constellation.

   Participating at these workshops helps to become more compassionate, to thank and let go of the past and embrace life, thus fulfilling the wishes of our family system and the mission of our soul. It helps us to open up to uncertainty, to be in our adult state more often, to overcome fear and exclusion, to open up to unconditional love, to the new and all that life holds for us.


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   Our life is in the service of our collective destiny. Our service to humanity is defined by our individual responsibility to grow and actualize ourselves, to thank and let go of the past; our personal decision to live in the present, to embrace life fully and help others live.

   Today this is needed more than ever.   

   You are welcome to attend and follow the path of personal growth that New Family Constellations open for us towards gratitude, respect, and greater love, which lead to an enhanced state of well being and a more fulfilling life, becoming a blessing for those around us and a true legacy for those who will come after us.

Important note:

The workshop will not be recorded and no permission is granted for the recording of the session. The facilitator’s commitment with confidentiality extends to all participants. By joining the workshop it is assumed that you accept these conditions.

To Join the Workshop:

To register for the workshop, please send an e-mail to or contact María Escribano via Whatsapp/Telegram at +34 635114244.

Payment will be done via Paypal before the course to the following paypal account: (or the e-mail address: Please note currency conversion charges and other expenses are paid by participants. Payments within the EU to be done via bank transfer, please contact for details.

The link to join the workshop will be sent a few days in advance of the online session.


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