The Love of the Spirit

In which way is the love of the spirit different from blind or instinctive love?

  1. The love of the spirit is an attitude. It accepts everything just as it is, simply because it exists.
  2. The love of the spirit does not know the judgement that decides whether something must exist or not. The fact something exists means that it was thought by a creator spirit just the way it is, and it is loved that way.
  3. When the love of the spirit encompasses us, it rejoices in everything that exists and in the way it exists.
  4. In the end, the love of the spirit is an attitude that promotes everything just the way it is. It is in favour of everything.
  5. The love of the spirit is a creative love that allows everything to take its place and that defends it. It wants everything to be present, just the way it is.
  6. The love of the spirit does not wonder whether something has a right to exist. For it, everything and everyone are part of the whole, including us, just the way we are.

What are the consequences of the love of the spirit with regards to our attitude towards everything?

  1. We agree to everything.
  2. We allow everything its right time. We do not want to extend nor shorten its time.
  3. We do not want to remove nor add something to anything, in the sense of wanting to improve it. Everything was created by another entity and exists thanks to it, just the way it is.

Can this love be felt? Or is it just pure existence, a kind of being present? An existence that agrees, even to us, the way we are, and which agrees to the time assigned to our existence.

For the love of the spirit there is no more or less belonging. For it, there is no greater or lesser right to belong. For it, nothing goes beyond existing in the present.

The love of the spirit is always in motion. It remains within a creative movement. In tune with it, we agree to this movement. We include ourselves and we let ourselves be carried wherever it takes us and wherever it takes the others. In this movement, it is always present with everything and all the time.

Spiritual Conscience

How can we know whether we are moving in tune with the love of the spirit? When we calm down internally and to the last extent.

We feel uneasy when we want something different to this movement.

When we become restless, we feel that the love of the spirit leaves us. Our creative journey with it stops; at least this is what we feel. However, it is impossible that we fall, neither ourselves nor anything that is present together with us.

In the love of the spirit, we are held by a conscience of our own that allows us to perceive at all times whether we are attuned to it. Unlike conscience, which we feel as guilt or innocence, spiritual conscience is felt as calm or restlessness.

We may sometimes feel this restlessness painfully. The pain gradually increases as we move away from our surrender to everything just the way it is. This consciousness keeps us on the path.

Even though we do not feel the love of the spirit in us in any way as love, since it is spiritual, everyone else can perceive it as if it were a benevolent love. They feel well and accepted in the presence of those who radiate it. Around them, everything can be, just the way it is.

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