The Importance of the Father


Who is most often excluded in families?
It is the father!
The mother has the tendency, for whatever reason, to pull the children to her, away from the father.
From what does she pull the children away?
She pulls them away from the earth and therefore, from life. Children only come into connection to the world through their father. In the past, one also knew this: The father had to stand in real life. Only in this way the survival of his family was assured.

How is it for many children today, when they have to grow up without their father? For example because the mother has separated from him and the children must stay in the arena of the mother, generally separated from the father? Do they still remain on the ground? Or do they become estranged to him and through this un-wordly?
What is the final outcome? The children are angry with the mother. The peace within the family has been broken. How can it be restored again?
Where does peace come from? From fathers and men. From whom does peace come in families? From the fathers. When peace reigns in the family, everyone is happy, also the mothers and children.

The new family constellation work is predestined, not only by it’s title, to be able to lead and shift the problems in the family over into a healing field and to make it possible for all family members to start a journey to happiness. The question of blame plays no part …
The result: Contented fathers, happy mothers, children full of hope!

Content text from Bert and Sophie Hellinger’s workshop in Frankfurt, 8 February 2014. Available at:

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