The Guide is Our Heart

Begin with a deep and long exhalation, and continue breathing slowly and deeply.

Now shift your attention, softly, to your physical heart, until you can perceive it or simply imagine you perceive it. You will feel as if you were breathing from your heart, or else you can imagine you perceive this. Continue with your attention on your heart, very lightly, during the whole exercise.

Little by little, you will feel a change throughout your whole body.

A smile will emerge on your face on its own. All your body will smile.

Your back will straighten, and you may even feel that you lean backwards a little. It is the movement your chest needs to become wider, so that your heart’s energy can expand even more.

You feel that your body centre, the seat of your consciousness and your strength, is your heart, not the brain nor your stomach, but the heart.

Your thoughts change. You become more present.

Your emotions also become more present. They are transformed into emotions of inclusion, of joy and respect.

Your mind opens. Your energy increases and your perception is transformed. You can perceive what others are feeling.

Your healing capacity increases immensely, for yourself as much as for others.

Our heart manages all our activity, from our heart and its thoughts, to every one of our cells… The goal of our heart’s leadership is the individual’s internal harmony and harmony among humans.

With this practice, we put The love of the spirit into action (click on the link to read the text). In the previous exercise, we practised the gaze of love; with this one we activate the physical source of love, of personal growth, and love’s expansion wave.

Becoming aware of our heart, and living from it, results in a way of living away from stress, away from individualism and destructive emotions; it becomes a way of being present, of being an adult, in love, in the strength and the joy of living; it becomes a way of being in tune with everything.

This will help us particularly during the difficult times, when we need to be creative, to be strong, to help… and it will allow us enjoy life at every moment.

Living from our physical heart allows us to participate in the strengthening of the new paradigm’s morphic field.

You can read the article The heart’s brain (ctrl + click) in order to understand the power of living consciously from the heart.

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