Strength is Found in Attunement

If we are used to it, we do a meditation or a visualisation.

We centre ourselves, better with our eyes open, looking into the distance.

We become aware that we are surrounded by all the other human beings. It is enough to think of this once.

Our intention is to look at them. Into the eyes. Without intention. Without judgement. Just the way they are. To look at all of them. Once we have stated our intention internally, we let our body take the lead.

We don’t imagine anyone voluntarily, we let the movement lead us.

Like in a constellation, we let our body be led by an involuntary, very slow, movement. We have no intention, neither regarding our movement.

We let ourselves be guided for a few minutes, until the movement itself leads us back to our life again, and lets us know that the exercise is over.

Afterwards we will experience an immense, very serene, strength, and a deep feeling of love and respect for all human beings.

We have just practiced the gaze of The love of the spirit (click here to read this text), as Bert Hellinger refers to it.

We will also have experienced a deep healing, thanks to the “pure movement” we have allowed.

Sometimes specific people will come to our mind, involuntarily. We include them and we look at them, whoever they are, for strange it might seem then. Our unconscious, or something greater, or the Field, is asking us to include these people also.

Attunement with and among people is a great tool of harmonisation and healing for everyone.

All together in life.

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