On Peace

Letter about Bert and Sophie Hellinger’s International Training Camp by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes (February 2011)

Dear friends,

I participated at the International Training Camp organised by Bert and Sophie Hellinger in December, with the occasion of Bert’s 85 birthday.

We were about five hundred people from almost sixty different countries, in a small city in the Black Forest, all covered in snow and Christmassy. Bert Hellinger was again shining with good health and wholeness.

I want to share with you some of what he gave us.

The main underlying theme was: How to achieve Peace? How to contribute to Peace?

When someone, a side, attacks another, it is because it wants to get something it does not have: water, land…

We will stop being predators when we need nothing, when we are full with all that life gives us, when we have fully taken all that is given to us: our parents and their deficiencies, our land as it is, our circumstances and their defects, our lives and our limitations.

When we are divided internally, we project outside our internal war, we look for confrontation outside, we feel in struggle, at war against everyone. When we feel that others threaten our security, it is because there is an internal part of us that we reject and that frightens us.

We are by nature two integrated into one: two hemispheres, two arms, two eyes, behind/in front, mind/body, etc. Our health, our strength, our greatness, manifest when we integrate the duality, without repressing or rejecting none of the polarities we are made of.

The first great duality, from which all other emerge, is that we are children of a father and a mother. To integrate this duality is to see both parents in a single image, whatever has happened between them after we were conceived. This integration allows us live wholeness: each one of us is the fusion of his parents, the fusion of male and female.

Every separation, every rejection, takes us back to the separation from the father or the mother, which becomes a rejection of the male or the female.

What part of our body do we reject? How are we divided and what part do we reject, the male or the female?

Do we privilege the right part (the male) of our body over the left part (the female)? Or is it the other way around?

Do we privilege the top part (the male) over the lower part (the female)?

The mind (the male) over the body (the female)?

Sky (the male) over the earth (the female)?

And so on.

Our work for peace is to reconcile with ourselves.

To say yes to all what we are,

to integrate all what we are,

and the reconciliation with ourselves,


We are all together in the service of life and peace, I honor you,


(E-mail letter dated 2 February 2011, from the Instituto de Constelaciones Familiares, www. insconsfa.com).

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