No Intention

“Here I allow myself to be guided by something. I don’t know at all what will result. I am completely in the dark and I feel like someone through whom water flows, water that comes from far away and follows its way far away. I simply remain permeable. For that reason I myself do not participate. The fountain does not participate in the water. The water only passes through it.
How does one achieve this attitude? One remains without intention. The water flowing through the fountain has no intention. It has no goal. And yet it reaches the fields, bears fruit and finally flows into the sea. Therefore, the lack of intention is the precondition for this work.

Lack of intention is only achieved by he who has abandoned his concepts of good and evil. He who fights neither for good nor for evil, for neither. He who is in agreement with all that is. He who is in agreement with life. He agrees with death. He agrees with happiness. He also agrees with suffering. He agrees with peace and with war. Because he is so permeable, something is accommodated for the good without his intervention.

This attitude has been described to us for a long time. Lao Tse shows it, for example. Confucius shows it. And many great philosophers show it. Strangely enough, the great founders of religions do not. Religions lead to war.

The lack of intention that seeks to be in tune with the law of the world, with the deep orders, that trusts in the deep movements of the soul, of the great Soul, it, as you can see, is in the service of peace and love.

Bert Hellinger