By Brigitte Champetier de Ribes,

Money, mother and life are equivalent energies.

As we treat our mother, so treat us life and money.

The orders of abundance are as follows:

To agree to everything as it is and everyone as they are, and to be grateful for everything as it is and everyone as they are, even though we may not yet understand. Abundance is the response of the universe, the family system and the spirit to s/he who is in the service of life, being grateful for it as it is, including death and the pain also.

Our lives are part of large compensation and reconciliation movements. This is what we need to accept.

The next order of abundance says “take”, take everything as it is, take all people as they are; it is about being part of life’s compensation movement, balancing the give and take.

The money we receive is the compensation to our good giving. Good giving starts with the parents: when we “take” our parents, that is, when we accept receiving unconditionally everything our parents gave us, then we need to return, out of gratitude. However, we cannot return to our parents the much they gave us, so we instinctively turn to others, to a partner, to work, and to them we give what we took from our parents. This is the good giving. And our environment compensates us for that, and thanks us for that, with abundance.

Taking the mother is coming into contact with success and money.

Taking the father opens us to the strength of professional realisation.

Taking both at the same time allows professional success to flow into our lives, and this success is linked to financial prosperity.

The consequence of taking our parents only a little results in not being able to give much to others. As a consequence, the response of the universe will also be poor, mean.

Taking everyone as they are means taking all the excluded ones, the rejected ones, the perpetrators and the despised, from both the mother and the father lines, whether we know them or not.

Taking all as they are also means loving the difficult people in our own lives, the economic perpetrators, the high-handed, the sharks and usurers, and so on, and to thank them for being the way they are.

And the last order of abundance says “respect the former”.

In summary, our wealth is linked to our ability to love unconditionally and to be grateful unconditionally also. This will show in our lives, first in our love and respect toward our mother and all the women from our family system, and secondly, in our love toward the difficult, the rejected, the high-handed, the violent ones and other morally “wrong” people.

That love is reflected in our capacity to say “thanks for being the way you are” to any human being.

Money comes from the mother.

In our mother, during the first nine months of our lives, we have known nature’s abundance and its imperfection. By taking our mother consciously, we resume the flow of abundance in our lives.

With regards to relationships, we observe that wealth depends on the woman’s attitude. If a woman respects her husband, he will be successful and prosperous.

For those who are single, success and prosperity depend on how much they have taken their own mother.


An inheritance has been accumulated thanks to a woman’s respect for her husband (grandfather, great grandfather, etc.) An inheritance can be blocked because no descendant has looked at, honored, and been grateful to that woman.

The order between parents and children says: parents give and children take.

What parents give is always a gift. They shall be honored and thanked for what they have given. Sons or daughters who demand something from their parents, loose their parents.

Guilt[1] and MERITS belong to the one who acted, and only to him.

Parents are under no obligation to give anything to their children. Sons or daughters have no right to demand anything from their parents.

Parents always give to all their children equally, to all those who are in their place of SONS/DAUGHTERS, and they will only give to those SONS/DAUGHTERS.

When it comes to inheritance, the systemic order is bluntly respected at an unconscious level: the son or daughter that replaces an excluded dead brother/sister or a forgotten aborted child, will receive two parts of the inheritance, his/hers and the one for the excluded; the son/daughter that substitutes for an uncle, parent, grand parent, will receive nothing since s/he does not live as a son/daughter…


Having debts, or mortgages, is a way of paying for having caused harm; it is a way of balancing out guilt that has not been assumed. It may belong to us or, more often, to an ancestor to whom we are loyal or with whom we are entangled.


“I have very little energy to live, I must not waste it”.  Money is the equivalent of life, the person who feels that her life breath is extinguishing, must save her money-energy as much as possible.

Gambling addiction

“It is better to risk one’s money than to risk one’s life”. The gambling addiction in which the gambler looses again and again is a substitute for suicide.

The crisis belongs to a higher field in the service of change. It is directed by the spiritual movement. It is pure energy, in the service of love and life. The spiritual movement unfolds in the crisis, lavishing its strength and love toward he who wants to see and change.

Abundance is a spiritual movement for he who is thankful for all his life as it is. Money, symbol of life, needs to be accepted as it is, acknowledged, loved and respected. It also needs to be given to life. It needs to be received in order to be given again in exchange for another service that improves our life.


Published in, in May 2012.

[1] Note of the translator: “guilt” here refers to the responsibility for having caused harm.

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