Hymn to Life

By Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, from Beginning to Constellate.
Revised in June 2016 and August 2017.

YES to everything as it is, and everyone as they are.

Thanks to everything as it is, and everyone as they are.

I am grateful for my life as it is, I allow myself to be as I am.

I am grateful for the abundance around me. I take everything that comes my way as an opportunity for more love.

I surrender to what I do not understand.

I love everyone as they are, even those I fear, or towards whom I feel anger or disgust.

I recognize myself in those who have hurt me.

I assume and repair the harm I have caused.

I respect the primacy of those who come before me and I bow to my elders. 

I honour the universe, nature, plant or animal.

From my place, nor above nor below, I surrender to those who came later, to the new ones; I surrender to the priority of the new.  

Driven by unconditional gratefulness to my parents and my environment, I return what I have received through my service to others.

Aware of my imperfection, of my greatness and my responsibility, 

here and now,

I take over my life and I surrender to love.

I choose joy. 

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