For Venezuela and Other Divided Countries

I propose this visualisation for my dear Venezuelan friends:
Venezuela is placed in front of us and we honour it deeply, with all our love and our pain.

Our honouring reaches beyond today’s Venezuela, we look at Venezuela’s past with love. We look at all our roots. We honour and thank each and every one of these roots. We also look at those roots that have been forgotten, sacrificed, excluded or rejected. We take them back into our heart, and we say to them “I belong to you”.

We say to each one of our country’s roots again: “Thanks, I belong to you”.
And now we bid farewell to the Past and we turn towards today’s Venezuela. We look at all of today’s Venezuelans, we look at all our brothers. We acknowledge in every one of them the different roots of the past and we bow our head in front of their loyalties, and we say to each one of them: “you and I belong just as we are”, “thanks for being the way you are”.

And we also say to those who have hurt us: “Now I see the hurt my ancestors caused to your ancestors. I am like you”.

We turn towards life, and we walk forward with humility, decision, and gratitude, in the service of change.

For those who are not Venezuelan, they can do this visualisation in the service of their country.
“Thanks Venezuela!”

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