Distant Healing

Imagine, or think of the parents of the person who is in front of you, or the parents of whoever you have in mind.

Think of them until you can have a pleasant feeling. From this moment, the person will begin to experience a change for the better, without knowing why. For this change to be a significant one in the person’s life, keep your attention on her parents for about 3 minutes.

You mayconnect with anyone’s parents. We all have permission to do this with any person.

For example, when you go to the dentist, the mechanic or to court, if you connect with these professionals’ parents, they will be at their highest standard of practice.

If we feel that a person doesn’t respect us, regardless of whether she is here or far away, or whether we know her personally or not, connecting with her parents will make her change her attitude.

We can do this with one person or a whole group, and with the whole of humanity even. The more people we are doing it for, the more it will take us to feel the connection. And healing will start as soon as we feel the compassionate connection with their parents.

For all human beings, the connection with their parents is the main one, it is the one that immediately puts us in our place, in the service of life. It is the connection with something greater par excellence.

It makes no difference whether it is us who connect with our parents or someone else does it for us. The resonance that is created is the same.

Gradually, we will notice that this connection with other people’s parents is an attitude toward life, the connection with something greater materialised in our everyday lives. This is progressively transformed into a compassionate openness toward life itself, into a pure attitude of love toward everything as it is, an attitude in which we become aware of our share of the responsibility.

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