What are Family Constellations?

“The reply to that question is so complicated that I usually say to people: ‘Attend a constellation and then you will understand!’

Briefly, it is a technique that is not new and that consists in representing people, and by means of this representation, what is invisible, unconscious, emerges; something that causes us to act in a particular way in our everyday lives. Then, thanks to what we can observe, we can understand the forces that move us even though we think that it is us alone who decide our moves, yet ending up in conflicts.

In this way we discover presences, such as the presence of the past. The influence of all what took place before is still here with us, influencing our decisions, our emotions… often in a positive manner, and we don’t realise it, but sometimes leading us to a conflict that has no solution unless we reveal that past.” Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, Interview, January 2014

They are a sacred map, an order.  And order always moves forward. If I become disordered, there is no future there, there is no space for dreams there.

But why do I become disordered? I become disordered because of blind love, a love without order, and there I get lost. Then family constellations are the channel to find myself again, and in that encounter I am able to display endless possibilities.  In family constellations I recover myself again and give back to myself the joy of living.” Bert Hellinger, November 2017.

Online Workshops and Courses

  1. Courses to deepen your knowledge of family constellations and the life forces and dynamics that underlie our relationships with the others, the world and the universe. You will experience them with different exercises that will initiate movements of healing in your life at the same time.

3 hour workshops where we will do the constellations of those participants who have previously booked one as well as do exercises to heal different aspects of our life.

Individual sessions

“All rivers go into the sea

because the sea is at a lower level.

Humility grants it its power”

Tao Te Ching